Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Well hello there!

I finally succumbed.  After being told for years that I needed to start a blog I have finally taken the plunge, bit the bullet...you get my drift.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Lisa Pakosh and I am a wearer of many hats.  I am a mom to two amazing young women, both blow my mind on a daily basis.  My husband of 21 years is my best friend and someone who surprises me every day with how spectacular he is.

Now onto the reason for this blog.  I said I wear many hats....which is true.    It makes me feel all funny when I say that I am an artist.  For years I never admitted that.  I don't paint, I can't draw worth beans....even my doodles need help!  But I have finally accepted the fact that I can say I am an artist.  Why?   For many years I have fooled around with a wonderful medium....polymer clay,  and have just branched into another field...precious metal clay.  I am like a kid in a candy store...there is so much to learn, everywhere you look a different technique, a different tool...it is endless.  I am excited and overwhelmed at the start of this journey.

So be patient with me...it will take me awhile to get into the whole keeping up to date bit.  But I will try!

I start off with a picture of my latest creation in PMC....no name for it but I love it anyways.  It is going to be a donation for an event happening this weekend for my local Humane Society.  I hope the winner likes it as much as me!

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  1. Welcome to Blogville, Lisa. You'll find you will quickly lose your inhibitions and be babbling on about things that you find fascinating and, after you hit the "publish" button, you suddenly find terrifying! "What did I say?", "Did I say that?", "Nah, I didn't say that, did I?". Then you'll get your first follower who gets a kick out of the way you see things and appreciates tips you put out there or encouragement to also claim their artist title, and you'll feel it's all worth while. It's a great ride. Love you. PS. I'll put your blog on my blog - will you kindly put my blog on your blog?