Thursday, 17 January 2013

Day 3! Oh my goodness I am unstoppable! :)

Day 3 I thought I would give a little background into other things I have made prior to this experience of blogging. 

Just recently I finished a bronze cuff bracelet that I made to look like pieces of bamboo stuck together.  It turned out better than I thought it would!

Here is a view from the top of the piece just after coming out of the kiln.  Notice the gorgeous the patina straight from the kiln.

Here is the bracelet after being polished.  It is a gorgeous light piece...not too heavy to wear but open and very fragile looking!

Now to go look for day 4 stuff!


  1. I'm very interested in those clay tiles! Where can I get them? Love, Dad p.s. just kidding! That really is a beautiful bracelet, not like the ugly things your mother makes. So glad to see my artistic gene is being passed on. It would have been a shame if it had died with me.

  2. Oh are asking for it bud! I would sleep with one eye open tonight! lol

    1. Yeah, heh heh, he has to close his eyes sometime, and I've been watching Psycho reruns....... hmmmmmmm.