Friday, 18 January 2013 'em or hate 'em?

Yes, I did 4 with a new post!  Not going to be able to keep this pace up but thought I would spoil all of you early on!

Today I want to talk about commissions.  Do you take them?  Do you enjoy them?  Or are they hard for you? 

I recently had a friend come up to me and ask me to make two pieces of jewelry for his wife.  All he told me was her ring size and that she liked big, bold silver jewelry.  Which is very vague but immediately I got busy coming up with ideas.  When I presented the ideas to him, he liked them but said they weren't quite right.  Eventually I came up with something that he agreed on and I started creating a gorgeous ring (imho) and a set of earrings.

The pieces turned out wonderfully and my friend's wife really enjoyed receiving them.  But the whole process got me thinking.  Is the turmoil of a commission worth it?  I do plan on taking commissions from friends in the future but I will be more specific...they can tell me size, colour and brief idea of what they want but then it will be up to me.  I just can't get into people's heads and figure out what they want even though I think they think I can! 

So let me know, do you take commissions?  And how do you deal with them?

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