Thursday, 23 May 2013

Why do people carpet their ruts?

Now that is a title eh?  lol!  You must be wondering what Lisa is on these days.  Read on and all will be explained!

Woke up to a beautiful rainy day today and decided to get off my butt and do something other than waste time on Facebook games!  Well, at least waste a little less time...

Why does it seem that when something goes wrong, EVERYTHING has to follow?  Over the past few weeks we have had both cars in the shop (one is still there!) and a couple of days ago our water heater burst.  While that was being fixed sure enough, our garage door busted as well.  I am so done with this month....can't it just be June already?

So, back to the title of this blog....why do people carpet their ruts?  Let me clarify the question. I want to know why it seems that not only are people stuck in a rut seems they love their ruts so much they have carpeted them, made a really comfortable home in them. They don't leave their comfort zone, they don't think outside of the box....and they don't acknowledge those who do.  They seem shocked when someone wants to go further.  And if you aren't one of the rut carpeters then we are back to the whole high school scene of the "cool kids vs the nerds".  I happen to fall into the "nerd" category. 

You might be asking where is this venting coming from?  I have been fortunate to be involved with a great group of people since the beginning of my polymer clay experience.  Over the years I have learned a lot from some very special people who have gladly shared their knowledge and experiences with me,  and I have grown and progressed in so many different directions.  But I guess I failed in not kissing the right behinds as I went along....

I happen to know an amazing polymer clay artist who shall remain nameless that does spectacular work.  This individual does techniques and colourways that are new and exciting.  She reinvents herself on a regular basis and shares everything she knows with anyone who wants to learn.  She is totally about the whole community and not just selfishly focused on herself.  But she will never be included in the "cool kids" group and I have wracked my brain to try to figure out why.  She is never on the teaching list which is shocking as I for one, would take her class in a heartbeat.  But no, it is the same old group over and over again, teaching the same old stuff over and over again.   And if there is a newbie added to the list?  It is the bestie of one of the original members.  And then their bestie gets added....and so on and so on.

What happened to wanting to grow, to change, to see where art will take you?  Why do people get so afraid of change, when change is life? 

This whole realization has afforded me the clarity to realise some changes I needed to make in my life.  I can't change people, the only thing I am in control of is how I react to them.  And since I value myself and my time, I won't be wasting anymore of it trying to figure out why these people are the way they are and what I must have done wrong to upset them.  I realized I didn't upset them, they are just so self involved that I never even entered their radar in the first place. 

Okay enough blog will be about my first experience with COPPRclay and sizing a bezel!

Feel free to leave a comment on how you feel about this subject, good or bad.  And if you are really daring, look at yourself and ask "Am I in a rut?  Do I want out or am I just too comfortable here?"


  1. Hey Girl, well said! The time comes when one has to realize that there are people who will only hold us back, whether they envy our progressive path or just don't want to be reminded that they have opted for the easy way out - to keep repeating the same old same old. For them it's about comfort, not growth, and anyone who stretches their wings has to have those wings clipped. They do this through mass hypnosis: keep telling the masses that "pablum" is going to be a wonderful eating experience - forever! It's all in the marketing: instead of encouraging growth, which requires effort, maybe even a little bit of discomfort, they hype the "easy", "effortless", "FUN" as the new reward. Never mind the satisfaction, self-confidence and pride that comes from pushing yourself into new areas. They don't like being reminded that they have sold out, they want things easy, so they surround themselves by people who match their lazy philosophy, and hope that enough lemmings live out there to support their desire to sit back and stroke the beautiful carpet they've just installed in their now archaic efforts.

    Another interesting thing to consider is the fact that these people seem to be zero-sum personalities. They don't dare risk asking someone who is exploring and advancing the medium to teach at their event for fear that the students will quickly realize who the real talent is and get the idea that they should be taking classes elsewhere (i.e. they are of the opinion that there is only a finite amount of money "pie" out there and they don't want to risk having an artist draw a future piece of it away from them. They just don't get it - if the class and teacher are great, students will find the money to attend.

    That having been said, you're going to feel great, having left the flock of turkeys behind, to now be soaring with the eagles, heh heh. Wait til you see the view!

  2. I didn't realize you had a blog. Gee, I bet I can take a stab at who the culprits are. I'm sorry you're having such a bad month, but please, for my sake, don't wish it over any sooner than you halve too. I have 80 people coming in for a week long residential conference June 2nd. Oh so much to still do, thank heaven for organization and checklists.
    Anyway, I thought you realized how clickish they were years ago. That was why I had said I hope they treat our clay sister better this time around. I've actually suggested a few people and got noses wrinkled at me because the people didn't do their idea of pretty or classy. Well, some of us enjoy variety, change, uniqueness -something that is way to far out of their comfort zone. And, Vickie, as usual, is right on they go for the quick fun without depth. If not for one particular class that surprisingly looks to have some depth, I'd probably not partake this time around. That and I've always got other reasons for that location as you know.
    So, stay out of that rut, start a conference in the Bahamas. What's the weather like in the Bahamas in November? It's a great time of year for me to get away. Fun in class by day and play at the beach in the evenings and enjoy the beauty of nature in the ocean that most of us don't get to appreciate very often.
    I hope your luck changes and that your able to create your cares away with your COPPRclay. You're to good to waste your positivity on them. They do NOT change.

    1. Hi Donna! I'm with you - a Bahamas Beach Clay Bonanza!! Let's do it!

    2. I am seriously looking into it...just have to clarify the legalities and see if it is feasible...but it is something I really want to see happen!

  3. Hey chicky! Nice to see you over here....yup I am a blogger now. Still learning the ropes though! Thanks for your comment...I know you are right and you did tell me but do I ever listen? :D No specific culprit just went over the classes and was so disappointed. There are so many wonderful things we could be doing but instead it is mostly the same old same old. I hope you have a blast and make sure you have a giggle for me! Keep checking the blog out, I hope to have pics of the pendant I made up tomorrow. I am having so much fun with this has really opened up my creativity! Miss you!

  4. *Raises fist and shakes it mightily* You say it sister! And I can say that, because you're my sister. I am totally going to tear up the carpet from my rut...maybe there's hardwood under there. ;) Well said.

    1. Thanks Sam....I felt it had to be said. Like you are ever in a rut...riiiight! Going to work on the next post now, much lighter and fluffier than this one!