Friday, 24 May 2013

Many firsts...

This pendant pictured above is the result of many firsts for me.  First time ever using COPPRclay, first time ever making a sized bezel for a specific stone, first time firing two separate moving parts together and first time ever taking a pretty good pic! lol

I have no clue what kind of stone this is so if anyone has an idea, please feel free to comment on it. 

I have been very nervous about doing this kind of pendant for awhile but after taking a class from Wanaree Tanner (the MOST amazing teacher and metal clay artist IMHO) I decided to go for it.  It turned out so much nicer than I had hoped for.  It took a lot of time and many different steps were involved but it was a lot of fun.  Since COPPRclay has a large shrinkage rate I made a much larger polymer clay blank to use to fit the components around.  I was worried that I made it too big but it turned out perfectly.  My local business shop had quite the giggle when I took a bag of stones in to get photocopied and enlarged on their machine...but it was worth it!

Here you can see how the pendant moves freely on the bail even though it was built and fired together.  I wasn't sure that would work but it did and has really opened me up to a lot of ideas I now have to try!

Here you can see the textured back of the pendant.  The COPPRclay really takes texture well and the colours on it are gorgeous.  Only thing to do now is seal it so it stays like this!

Overall I have to say I absolutely love COPPRclay and can't wait to work with it in the future.  I have a project in the works that I hope to have done by next week, a torc bracelet that I think will be awesome!

Thanks for checking this out!  Off to the studio (aka my closet) on this rainy muggy day to keep the creative juices flowing!


  1. I LOVE the back of this piece! Well, I love the front of it as well, but I told you that already :). But seriously, the pattern in the copper with the colour variances is really cool. And personally, I think the stone is a moss agate.

  2. Thanks! The COPPRclay really takes texture well and it does colour up very nicely! Someone suggested I make a window in the back on the next one, might try that!