Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Past Projects

Morning everybody!  Took a few days off to start getting ready for our family vacation that we head off on this Friday. 

Thought I would continue the reflections into the past and show you some of the resin and polymer clay work I have done recently. 

This is a ring I made for breast cancer month. 
It is polymer clay that has been painted, distressed, silkscreened and then set in a bezel setting and glass like resin poured on top. 

I love doing this stuff, you never get the same thing twice!

Here is a view of some stuff I had put together  for a show on the island.  Notice the blues...they seem to just pop in this stuff!

Okay well that is it for now...I will try to put together a kick ass post before I head out!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Commissions.....love 'em or hate 'em?

Yes, I did it....day 4 with a new post!  Not going to be able to keep this pace up but thought I would spoil all of you early on!

Today I want to talk about commissions.  Do you take them?  Do you enjoy them?  Or are they hard for you? 

I recently had a friend come up to me and ask me to make two pieces of jewelry for his wife.  All he told me was her ring size and that she liked big, bold silver jewelry.  Which is very vague but immediately I got busy coming up with ideas.  When I presented the ideas to him, he liked them but said they weren't quite right.  Eventually I came up with something that he agreed on and I started creating a gorgeous ring (imho) and a set of earrings.

The pieces turned out wonderfully and my friend's wife really enjoyed receiving them.  But the whole process got me thinking.  Is the turmoil of a commission worth it?  I do plan on taking commissions from friends in the future but I will be more specific...they can tell me size, colour and brief idea of what they want but then it will be up to me.  I just can't get into people's heads and figure out what they want even though I think they think I can! 

So let me know, do you take commissions?  And how do you deal with them?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Day 3! Oh my goodness I am unstoppable! :)

Day 3 I thought I would give a little background into other things I have made prior to this experience of blogging. 

Just recently I finished a bronze cuff bracelet that I made to look like pieces of bamboo stuck together.  It turned out better than I thought it would!

Here is a view from the top of the piece just after coming out of the kiln.  Notice the gorgeous colours...love the patina straight from the kiln.

Here is the bracelet after being polished.  It is a gorgeous light piece...not too heavy to wear but open and very fragile looking!

Now to go look for day 4 stuff!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Day 2...I did it...two days in a row!

I am still trying to figure out this entire blog thing but I just wanted to let you know that I am already thinking of my next post!

If you like listening to all the "interesting" things going through my head please go ahead and follow me.  I would love to see what you guys are doing so will check out your stuff and follow you back!

I plan on posting stuff that I have done in the past so you can see my growth...if there has been any! lol

Next piece I want to do is a gorgeous orange/red one so keep coming back!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Well hello there!

I finally succumbed.  After being told for years that I needed to start a blog I have finally taken the plunge, bit the bullet...you get my drift.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Lisa Pakosh and I am a wearer of many hats.  I am a mom to two amazing young women, both blow my mind on a daily basis.  My husband of 21 years is my best friend and someone who surprises me every day with how spectacular he is.

Now onto the reason for this blog.  I said I wear many hats....which is true.    It makes me feel all funny when I say that I am an artist.  For years I never admitted that.  I don't paint, I can't draw worth beans....even my doodles need help!  But I have finally accepted the fact that I can say I am an artist.  Why?   For many years I have fooled around with a wonderful medium....polymer clay,  and have just branched into another field...precious metal clay.  I am like a kid in a candy store...there is so much to learn, everywhere you look a different technique, a different tool...it is endless.  I am excited and overwhelmed at the start of this journey.

So be patient with me...it will take me awhile to get into the whole keeping up to date bit.  But I will try!

I start off with a picture of my latest creation in PMC....no name for it but I love it anyways.  It is going to be a donation for an event happening this weekend for my local Humane Society.  I hope the winner likes it as much as me!