Thursday, 21 November 2013

Sometimes less is more!

Ever have a grandiose wonderful idea?  Of course you have, we all do!  But sometimes we can get bogged down in these ideas, overwhelmed to the point of being able to accomplish nothing.  The whole picture can get quite daunting at times.  But if you break it down into bite sized pieces, not only do you find yourself less intimidated but all of a sudden you are accomplishing things left right and center!

Here are some of my latest creations and listings on my etsy site:

Some adorable conch shell stud earrings made out of fine silver

Some starfish earrings with colourful accent czs

Some cutiepie palm trees

And finally some sweet little sterling studs with a lilypad texture

I have more intricate pieces on my desk....for instance a ring to go with the lilypad earrings, but yesterday decided to do something sweet and simple to clear my mind.

Check out my etsy store to see more!
MonaLisa Creations

If you find something you like, in the comments section tell me you follow my blog and there just might be something a little extra special in your package!

Also I am completely open to feedback and criticism so tell me what you think!  Changes I should make, kudos (loooove those :) ) anything you think I should know!

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